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Indulge in a whole KellyBronze turkey, the most luxurious, rich and succulent meat with skin. It cooks to golden perfection giving out its delicious roasted scents, making it.....Fit for a Queen...maybe she has one - we couldn't possibly say! ;-)

Your order comes with complimentary Maldon Sea Salt to enhance the already delicious flavour!
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Kelly’s have stuck to tradition and with care and dedication produced what I call the real thing; turkey with all the character and flavour it was meant to have. Happy birthday to everyone at Kelly’s. Long may you continue. With love, Delia.
Delia Smith
Tomboy Turkey

Tomboy Turkey

We are redefining beauty, not flavour. Did you know about one third of the planet's food goes to waste often because of it's looks. That's enough to feed 2 billion people. With 900 million people worldwide suffering from hunger, we are part of the growing army of passionate people who want to do something about food waste.

Some of our birds get scars, scratches and bruises on the freerange and due to the crazily exact consumer expectations, they have to be rejected. Your opportunity to purchase one of our Tomboy Turkeys at a 10% discount is right here and it's as simple as that!

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Kelly Bronze Turkey