Whole KellyBronze
Whole KellyBronze
Indulge in a whole KellyBronze, the most luxurious, rich and succulent meat with skin. It cooks to golden perfection giving out its delicious roasted scents, making it.....Fit for a Queen...maybe she has one - we couldn't possibly say! ;-) Your order comes with complimentary Maldon Sea Salt to enhance the already delicious flavour!
8 - 104kg£83.78£14.90 per kilo
10 - 125kg£90.86£13.51 per kilo
12 - 146kg£103.69£13.51 per kilo
14 - 167kg£110.77£12.67 per kilo
16 - 188kg£114.27£11.60 per kilo
18 - 209kg£125.87£11.60 per kilo
20 - 2210kg£135.16£11.60 per kilo
22 - 2411Kg£146.76£11.60 per kilo
An oven ready whole fresh KellyBronze free range turkey with giblets. These birds are dry plucked at a mature age, finished by hand and hung in a cool larder for up to 14 days. Using our own bronze breeds from pure bronze breeding stock brings you the finest turkeys available, direct from our farm.