Pre-Order your Woodland KellyBronze
Pre-Order your Woodland KellyBronze
You can pre-order your Woodland KellyBronze now to reserve one of our award winning KellyBronze. We will take no payment at this point and will contact you in October to confirm the details and process your payment.
4kg - 5kg Whole KellyBronze8 - 104Kg£82.32
5kg - 6kg Whole KellyBronze 10 - 125Kg£89.08
6kg - 7kg Whole KellyBronze12 - 146Kg£102.12
7kg - 8kg Whole KellyBronze 14 - 167Kg£107.27
8kg - 9kg Whole KellyBronze16 - 188Kg£111.39
9kg - 10kg Whole KellyBronze 18 - 209Kg£121.69
10kg - 11kg Whole KellyBronze20 - 2210Kg£128.90
11kg - 12kg Whole KellyBronze22 - 2411Kg£136.77
3kg - 4kg KellyBronze Crown 6 - 83kg - 4kg£72.41
5kg - 6kg KellyBronze Crown 10 - 125kg - 6kg£102.79
KellyBronze Breast Joint4 - 5Min 1 kg£35.61
KellyBronze free range woodland turkeys, live a happy life in our woodlands and are cared for by Paul Kelly. These birds are dry plucked at a mature age, finished by hand and hung in a cool larder for up to 14 days. We use our own bronze breeds from pure bronze breeding stock brings you the finest turkeys available, direct from our farm.

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