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Why buy a KellyBronze free range turkey? What the chefs say...
Jamie Oliver: "KellyBronze turkeys are the best of the best, the most joyful treat. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a KellyBronze turkey"
Delia Smith: "Kelly’s have stuck to tradition and with care and dedication produced what I call the real thing.: turkey with all the character and flavour it was meant to have. Happy birthday to everyone at Kelly’s. Long may you continue. With love, Delia."
Michel Roux Jnr. La Gavroche: "Happy 30th anniversary to KellyBronze Turkeys, I’m a huge fan and am always excited to feature it on the menu at my restaurant."
Gennaro Contaldo: "KellyBronze is the finest turkey I’ve tasted, more meat, more flavour and a stock that is bellissimo"
Phil Vickery: "Congratulations to KellyBronze for your 30th anniversary, a fantastic slow-grown bird, reared using traditional methods, a really special treat for Christmas.”"
Nigella Lawson: "I think for Christmas lunch it has to be turkey, furthermore, this turkey has to be a Bronze. The KellyBronze is the best bird you can buy, a good turkey reared well, is what makes all the difference."
Brian Turner: "Top bird, top taste, it must be a Kelly Bronze!Happy Anniversary to all the team."
Susan Low - delicious Magazine: "Once again, our Christmas centrepiece was juicy, tender and flavour-packed. A couple of turkey dissenters at the table were converted to the Kelly cause!"
Alex Mackay: "A belated but huge huge thank you for the most amazing gourmet turkey dinner anyone could ever have imagined. Sublime!"
Art Smith: "Loved my Kelly Bronze tonight for Thanksgiving Dinner."
Henrietta Green: "According to Kelly's, one of the true tests of a turkey is when you eat it cold. And I have to say that - hot or cold - their Bronze birds have lingering deep flavour, a fine succulence and punchy gaminess."
Three generations of the Kelly family Our free range turkeys at play Three generations of the Kelly family
Britain's Most Awarded Turkey
"KellyBronze" is not simply a breed and therefore, a Bronze Turkey, is not (in itself) the same as "Britain's Most Awarded Free Range Turkey". In other words if it does not come from one of our approved stockists or KellyBronzeFarmers it is not a KellyBronze. With ‘good old-fashioned’ flavour and texture, the KellyBronze Free Range Turkey is bred to provide the ultimate experience in Christmas dining.
We believe that once you’ve enjoyed the product, you’ll want to repeat the experience for your future festive meals. The secret of our success, we believe, is the way we breed and raise our free range turkeys. We adopt the best of traditional farming methods, enabling KellyBronze® turkeys to roam freely in pastures, stubble fields and woodland. At night the turkeys have the shelter of open-sided pole barns, with deep straw and plenty of fresh air.
We use (our own) slow-growing bronze strains grown to maturity over several months. Their feed is based on locally grown cereals and vegetable protein. Whilst our birds are not Organic Free Range, they are raised without additives, drugs or growth promoters.
Our processing methods, too are traditional. The birds are hand plucked and then hung in a chilled environment for up to fourteen days to develop an even fuller flavour.
All our facilities are independently inspected to ensure compliance with the food hygiene regulations and we are the most awarded Turkey in Britain, having won numerous accolades, not just for the taste of our birds but also the way we farm them.
Our turkeys are wrapped and boxed to ensure their quality is protected during transport to the retail outlet - or en route to your home. To help you make the most of your Christmas meal we provide help and advice on cooking, recipes, tips ....and some special decoration for the festive table.

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